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How to remove out of control algae in golf course ponds

How to remove out of control algae in golf course ponds

Algae can quickly grow out of control in golf course ponds. If you manage such a pond, you might tear your hair out as year after year you keep seeing algae come back.

And golf course ponds can be more difficult than other ponds. This is mainly because fertilizer used to keep fairways and greens vibrant can sometimes increase the nutrients within a golf course pond.

Also, typically chemicals cannot be used to treat the algae due to the fact that the pond water may be used as irrigation water for the golf course.  Obviously, you don’t want harmful or toxic chemicals messing up the beautiful golf course grass.

This leaves fewer options for the maintenance team to successfully control the algae populations in certain ponds.  The best option in these cases is to remove as much of the nutrient base “organics” as possible from the pond environment.

MuckSuckers (Sediment Removal Solutions of Ohio) offers a unique process that suctions out the sediment without draining the pond or using heavy equipment.  Scuba divers are used to descend to the bowl of the pond and pump the sediment out to an area of choice.  This process will alleviate the pond of the excessive nutrients which will in turn allow the algae maintenance to be extremely easier.

Our process for sediment removal will even allow the golf course pond to be used while we’re working on it. There’s no need to shut the course down.

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