The Story Of Old Moe, The Biggest Catfish In Ohio

The Story Of Old Moe, The Biggest Catfish In Ohio

The Story of Old Moe as told by Ron Becker

“There I was” That’s how all good stories should be started.

This story starts out approximately 20 years ago when we built our family pond.  We did everything in the construction of our pond to make it the best possible pond for fishing that we could.  This included a wind powered aeration windmill from Becker Windmills.  We also put structures in the pond to improve fish habitat.  This included an old truck that the fish could go in, under, and around, right next to the air diffuser from the windmill.

Now about Old Moe, Old Moe is probably the biggest catfish in the state of Ohio.  A few people have hooked Old Moe, but no one has ever landed him.  Once in awhile people will see him and their jaws just drop open in amazement.

So one evening my son K.C. and I were fishing and we were catching a few when all of a sudden I got a strike and when I set the hook it felt like I had a hold of a huge log.  Then it started to move and I knew it had to be Old Moe. No other fish could feel that big.  I continued to wage war with him for probably a half hour or so when he started to surface slowly.  The huge fish slowly came into view and kind of rolled up on his side like he was just flat tuckered out and I thought that the war was won.

As I was bending over to try to hoist him out of the water I got a little over confident and yelled to K.C. on the other end of the pond “K.C., I caught Old Moe”.  Just then Old Moe must have gotten a second wind and he turned and swirled spraying water all over me as he made one last long run.  And I’ll be dog gone if he didn’t swim into that old truck and roll up the windows on me.

The next day we swam down to the old truck and took the battery out.  You see the truck had electric windows.  No one would believe that a fish could roll up a crank window right?