Open Discharge Info/Requirements

Preparing Your Land for a Mucksucker Geotube

If you’re planning to use Mucksuckers’ services to pump muck out of your pond, you’ll need to prepare your property for the placement of a Geotube container. Here’s what you need to know to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Open Discharge vs. Geotubes

  • Open Discharge: Suitable for properties with ample space. The liquid muck is discharged into designated areas like fields or fallow land. This option requires the area to be able to absorb the discharge.
  • Geotubes: A good option for limited space or when open discharge isn’t feasible. The geotube contains the muck, minimizing mess and keeping it in one place. However, drying the muck inside the geotube takes a long time, and removal requires cutting the fabric and hauling the material away.


Open Discharge Requirements

When opting for open discharge, consider the space needed for the silt container. For a typical half-acre pond, you might require 2-3 acres of land to accommodate the sediment, which spreads out like pancake batter. Suitable areas include:


  • Large Properties: If you have ample space, like a 3-acre hayfield, this can be ideal.
  • Tillable Fields: Timing is crucial. For instance, pumping into a mature cornfield can provide excellent fertilizer, but you must avoid planting or harvest seasons. Pumping into winter wheat fields post-harvest in July is another option.
  • Feral Woods: These areas, often unused for other purposes, can effectively absorb the sediment without disrupting your regular land use.

Geotube Placement

Geotubes require careful placement on level ground. Follow these steps to ensure proper setup:

  • Prepare the Bed: Create a flat, level area with an extra foot around the perimeter to contain any initial movement as the tube fills.
  • Build a Berm: Construct a berm around the bed’s edge to stabilize the Geotube as it fills and prevent it from shifting.
  • Ensure Level Ground: Avoid slopes, as uneven ground can cause the Geotube to lean and create operational challenges.

Multi-Year Projects: If you plan on using geotubes over multiple years, consider designating a permanent landing site on your property to simplify the process.

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Handling Geotubes

Geotubes are a practical solution for containing and drying sediment, but they come with some considerations:

  • Drying Time: It takes a long time for the sediment inside the Geotube to dry. Once dry, the tube is cut open, and the material is removed and hauled away.
  • One-Time Use: Geotubes are typically single-use. For ongoing projects, like annual pond cleaning, budget for a new Geotube each year and use the same prepared landing site to streamline operations.
By preparing your property adequately and understanding the requirements and benefits of Geotubes, you can ensure a smooth muck removal process with Mucksuckers. This preparation not only facilitates efficient sediment management but also contributes to the long-term health and usability of your pond and surrounding land.

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