About MuckSuckers

MuckSuckers is the Ohio distributor of Sediment Removal Systems. We help solve pond nightmares by expertly and efficiently removing the number one cause of pond problems: muck and sediment at the bottom (or bowl) of a pond.

MuckSuckers is a distributor of SRS – Sediment Removal Solutions:






Is your pond dying a slow death due to algae and weeds?

MuckSuckers can help!

Believe it or not, ponds cannot be properly treated just with enzymes and aeration control. It’s the muck on the bottom of your pond that’s the big problem!

MuckSuckers will suck up the toxic biomass at the bottom of your pond leaving you with a perfect looking pond.

No mechanical dredging. No damage to landscape. No draining of your pond.

Just a perfect pond.


If you need help with your pond or lake, contact us today!

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MuckSuckers / SRS of Ohio
P.O. Box 311
Wapakoneta, OH 45895
1-877-772-MUCK (6825)


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