Residential Pond Maintenance

Environmentally friendly pond cleaning. For a beautiful, natural, healthy pond.

Got Muck?

Are muck and algae taking over your pond? Did you know that not only do muck and algae look bad, but that they can also slowly choke the life from your pond?

The SRS process will restore your pond to its original, pristine condition. We don’t use any chemicals and our process won’t upset the pond’s ecosystem.

Your pond will be reset to a condition where life will thrive!

Environmentally friendly pond cleaning.

  • No draining of your pond.
  • No mechanical dredging.
  • No damaging pond liners.
  • No chemicals or upsetting the ecosystem.

We suck the muck from the bottom of the pond to a safe area nearby where it can be used as landscape material or additional land.

A healthy pond. At a cost that is up to 75% less than old school dredging!

A happy pond with a healthy ecosystem.

With conventional dredging, most ponds need to be drained. This means killing all wildlife or relocating it. Not so with our process.

We will restore the natural bottom to your pond without disturbing existing aquatic life. This leads to cleaner water and a healthier, happier ecosystem.

• Read more about why our pond cleaning process is environmentally friendly.

Advantages of the SRS Process

  1. Are you part of a Homeowner’s Association? You can budget our process over time unlike conventional dredging operations.
  2. Eliminate fish kills. As algae grows and oxygen depletes from your pond, it can reach a critical stage, eventually killing all aquatic life.
  3. Our process is environmentally friendly, unlike other solutions such as mechanical dredging.
  4. The muck removed from your pond can actually be used as landscaping material or as new soil seeded with grass.
  5. No ripped pond liners. Our process does not disrupt the integrity of your pond.
  6. Our process costs up to 75% less than traditional dredging techniques.
  7. Your pond is converted back to its original, pristine, natural condition.

Overview of the pond life cycle

Over time, sediment forms at the bottom of ponds. This can be leaves, algae, weeds or other organic matter. This “muck” creates toxic gases and contains nutrients that lead to excessive weed and algae growth.

Eventually the muck creates encourages bacteria growth which can help cause low oxygen levels, quite literally choking life out of the pond.

Our solution sucks the muck up out of the bottom of the pond and discharges on land. The muck is so nutrient rich that plants love it and so do farmers!

The SRS process leaves your pond in a healthy state with a high oxygen level, more living space for fish, dramatically reduced algae and toxic gases, cleaner water and an overall healthier ecosystem.

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