Pond Maintenence After Sediment Removal

Keep your pond beautiful and clean with aeration!
The MuckSuckers sediment removal process goes a long way towards your ponds health. After our team is done your pond will be reset to its natural, pristine state.

However, time changes all things. Sediment can return after a time and eventually reduce your once beautiful pond back into an algae and bacteria filled nightmare. To maintain the ongoing beauty of your pond you need some help.



This pond is not looking so good. Years after our sediment removal solution, your pond can slowly relapse back towards an unhealthy, algae laden, unsightly and smelly mess.


Aeration to the rescue!

Aeration adds oxygen and helps create circulation. Life is literally breathed into your entire pond with bottom aeration.

Stagnant ponds lead to more algae and bottom muck. Aeration helps prevent algae from forming.



After removing the sediment, aeration keeps a pond beautiful and healthy.