Can I use bacteria to clean up my pond?

Can I use bacteria to clean up my pond?

Beneficial bacteria is important in any pond environment.  Adding additional bacteria to the ecosystem will have some positive effects.

However, it many cases, ponds have a tremendous load of organics located in the “bowl” of the pond.  This area tends to be very low in dissolved oxygen.  The lack of oxygen prohibits this bacteria from effectively “breaking down” the sediment.

It takes aeration to provide the needed oxygen.  Keep in mind that in most cases, bacteria work slowly and sometimes never reduce the amount of organics in the pond.  They tend to maintain the organics by breaking down as much as is being constantly added to the environment.

Also no bacteria can breakdown inorganic material such as clay, loam, or sand.  These sediments need to be physically removed and are all present in every pond.

Beneficial bacteria are best used after the pond has been substantially cleaned, and has an aeration system installed.  This bacteria will consume the residual organics that are left after the MuckSuckers/SRS process and clarify the water of the pond.

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